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VelociRAX 5X
VelociRAX 5X
VelociRAX 5X
VelociRAX 5X
VelociRAX 5X

VelociRAX 5X

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Our 5X vertical hitch bike rack can hold up to five bikes and has 38 cm (15-inch) spacing between tire baskets. This rack was spaciously designed to fully load drop handlebar bikes, such as road bikes, at one time. The 38 cm spacing apart allows for flexibility when loading bikes with flat handlebar bikes (like mountain bikes) but is necessary when storing two or more bikes with drop handlebars. If you are looking for a rack that will accommodate road bikes, beach cruisers, and/or tri-bikes, this is the rack for you. The spacing of this 5 bike hitch rack gives a variety of bikes the room needed for a smooth and steady drive. Plus, a little more space never hurt anybody. VelociRAX are patent pending and packed with user-friendly features.

There is no need to lift bikes onto this rack when using the roll-in and roll-out loading method, which means kids can load their bikes! Integrated hydraulic dampers assist fully loaded racks when lowering to the load position, so don’t worry about bikes crashing down or shouldering a heavy load when lowering this rack. All VelociRAX also come with a garage wall mount that can be used to store this rack with bikes when the rack is not on a vehicle.

This rack is popular among shuttle companies and road cyclists because it doesn't matter which bike is put where and works with complicated bike scenarios, including drop bars. Enjoy the additional space for quick and easy loading for a variety of bike shapes and sizes!

- Hinge assist dampers for fully loaded hinging
- Garage wall mounting kit
- Built-in anti-rattle mechanism
- VelociRAX tire straps
- Rubber bands for brake lever engagement
- 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) hitch pin with keyed lock
- All needed hardware
- Assembly and Use Instructions​

- 15-inch spacing between bikes
- Hitch mounted vertical bike rack holding up to 5 bikes
- Assembled width 73 inches
- Assembled height 58 inches
- Weight 94 lbs
- Load capacity 230 bike lbs at 55 lbs per bike max
- eBike ready: 4 standard ebikes (we recommend removing batteries if you are able)
- Ships in 3 boxes (1 - 71"x6"x6", 2 - 27"x13"x9", 3 - 58"x12"x7")

- 86mm (3 3/8 inch) depth past center of hitch pin hole to insert a VelociRAX
- 50mm (2-inch) Class III  hitch with tongue capacity of 227 kg (500 lbs)

** Note - Check factory OEM hitch receivers on newer Subaru CrossTrek and Outback and Ford Ranger as they may lack sufficient depth on the factory hitch receiver.

-RVs/Trailers: need to have a Class III 2-inch hitch receiver with a tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs at a minimum (bumper hitches, extension hitches, and hitches with cantilevered sections allow too much hitch movement and are inadequate). One item to check is if a ladder could possibly interfere with the rack. Trailers and RVs produce extreme forces on racks and bikes. Take extra care to strap tight and use rubber bands (or bike tubes cut in ~1 inch sections) placed on the brake levers to decrease natural motion between bike and rack and fully secure the VelociRAX's built-in anti-rattle system.

Instructions for building your VelociRAX
PDF                               VIDEO

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Self Lowering

Integrated Hydraulic Dampers

Fully assisted lowering down to the loading position.

Fast & Easy Loading

Hit the trails faster, pack up and be on your way easier with roll in and out loading. 

Vehicle Access

Get to all your gear without removing your rack.

Tire Only Contact

No hanging by the forks or frame, risking damage to expensive bikes, VelociRAX feature contact only via tires to protect your bikes.

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