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VelociRAX has evolved over the past few years, and we appreciate reviews and shared experiences that allow us to improve our products. We continuously look for feedback and our customers are the most valuable source. If you have left a review or contacted us with any form of feedback, thank you!

We cannot travel to all bike destinations VelociRAX vertical hitch bike racks travel to, so thank you so much for all of your honest feedback. The original VelociRAX bike rack was born out of frustration and a lack of user-friendly bike racks for sale. We enjoy making modifications and additions to fit the needs of fellow riders, just as we built a bike rack that fits our needs. 

Over time, VelociRAX experiences have been shared on various platforms and reviewed by many across the web. Don’t take our advice; listen to plenty of other users who have joined the Red Rack Nation!


Two Wheeling Tots Talk About Vertical Bike Racks For Minivans

Carrie and Natalie from Two Wheeling Tots compared two vertical hitch bike racks.

They rated the VelociRAX 6  as "exceptional" and said VelociRAX is the "best bang for your buck." They liked that VelociRAX vertical hitch bike racks are more affordable than other popular hitch racks, allow you to carry more bikes, and support more e-bikes than other vertical hitch racks.  

As parents, a kid-friendly bike rack for minivans is a big deal to them. For this reason, they appreciate the hydraulic damper lowering system and roll-in and roll-out loading, which makes loading the rack easy for kids. They also enjoy rear hatch access, the rack's low profile, and the included garage mount.  

Carrie and Natalie recommend VelociRAX hitch racks for hauling more than four bikes, high-quality purchasing on a budget, and for NICA rider families. 

We appreciate Two Wheeling Tots feedback and continue using their insight on future designs! you can read their blog post here


The Cherubinis LOVE Their VelociRAX 5X

Chase and Blake Cherubini first got ahold of a VelociRAX 5X in December 2020. They were fans right off the bat and have made a few video reviews as they became more familiar with their VelociRAX hitch bike rack for SUVs and trucks.
They made a long-term video review after using it for 5 months to review the rack quality, key features like the dampers and anti-rattle, and why they think it's better than other vertical hitch racks.
In a March 2022 video review, Chase and Blake discovered our integrated locking system and hitch adapter, which added to their set up in no time. After these accessories were added, their Tacoma tailgate could open all the way and bikes could be easily locked up. 

Thank you to the Cherubini brothers for their awesome video reviews! 

Frugal Fit Dad Is a Fan of Tire-Only Securing on his VelociRAX 5

In June 2020, Dave reviewed a VelociRAX 5 on his YouTube channel Frugal Fit Dad. He loves the damper assist lowering so kids can easily load and unload their bikes. 

After traveling over 1,000 miles with his VelociRAX, he gave a 1-year review. He used a fat tire hoop attachment and showed how he found a bike order for his bike assortment, and shared tips on he likes to push the rack up.

“If you are looking to invest in something that will last a long time, I think this is the way to go."

Unlike other mountain biking parents without a VelociRAX, Dave's bike tires don't spin while driving in the wind thanks to the tire-only securing rubber strap.

Thanks for the review, Frugal Fit Dad! 


Take E-Bike Bike Rack Advice From Clint

Clint Gibbs is a mountain bike enthusiast and YouTube video creator. He reviewed the VelociRAX 412 in February 2021 and was impressed that the VelociRAX is an e-bike hitch bike rack that can carry four e-bikes. He gave his first impressions and shared rack tips. He was pleased with the mounting system and used the garage bracket for a convenient garage bike rack.

After finding the best combination for his bikes, he took the rack on “off-road” and “gravel-road” tests. He found that trail bikes are good on the standard spacing, but the VelociRAX 5X is the best for mixing bike styles.

He reccomends using a VelociRAX 3X or VelociRAX 5X if you're traveling with cross-country and/or road bikes, and we agree! 

Thanks Clint for this video review!



Do All Your Vertical Bike Rack Research With AMB Magazine

Australia Mountain Bike Magazine, aka AMB Magazine, reviewed a VelociRAX 412 with an array of other vertical hitch bike racks.
The VelociRAX vertical bike rack review starts at 16:05 and goes over general use, key features, and our rubber bands tip. They were most impressed by the hydraulic damper lowering system. Who doesn't love a self lowering rack!?
Thanks for the run down of all the vertical hitch bike racks AMB! 

Mountain Bike Action Magazine Pleased with VelociRAX Sturdy Build

March 2021 Mountain Bike Action reviewed a VelociRAX 7. They were fans of the heavy-duty construction, included garage mount, and ease of loading up to 7 bikes. 

“Overall, we had a pleasant experience with VelociRAX and would recommend it to any rider looking for a heavy-duty rack that doubles as transportation and garage storage.”

We thank Mountain Bike Action for their feedback. You can read this review here

Mountain Biking With Kids Picks VelociRAX Over Other Vertical Hitch Bike Racks

Brett from Mountain Biking With Kids reviewed a VelociRAX 412 in May 2022. He liked the "unique solution" VelociRAX hitch racks offer for loading and unloading bikes easier. He likes our anti-rattle wedge, how easy loading and unloading can be, and the self-lowering mechanism.

"Compare it against other vertical racks. You’ll see that a durable, easy-to-use rack that can carry up to 7 bikes costs a lot less than what you may expect.”

Brett was impressed with the build and liked the lowered position, so loading and unloading bikes weren't such a chore. He also liked that bikes stay in their own lane and don't hit neighboring bikes while driving.

Thanks Brett for the review! You can read this review here

Kids Ride Bikes Loves The Load Time of the VelociRAX 7

Becky from Kids Ride Bikes decided to try out a VelociRAX 7After one year with the rack, she was still raving about this purchase.

Her crew accumulated a collection of expensive bikes and needed a hitch bike rack for an SUV that would allow them to protect their bikes while traveling.

The rack proved to be a success and was used as a garage bike rack after removing it from the car. 

“Thanks to this awesome rack, we are spending less time loading the bikes and more time riding them.”

Thanks for the review Becky! You can read her review here        

Biking Kids Says the VelociRAX 7 is Easy For Kids to Load

Biking Kids is where you go for tips on riding bikes with kids, and they reviewed a VelociRAX 7 on their Ford Expedition. They enjoyed their 7-rack and claimed VelociRAX to be the “STRONGEST bike rack on the market."

Of course, kids were a popular topic, and they enjoyed the self-lowering feature that allows their kids to load and unload their bikes. They said the rack was worth the investment!

"After doing LOTS of research, we decided to buy a VelociRAX bike rack, and can honestly say that it’s been one of the best bike-related purchases that we’ve ever made."

Thanks for the review Biking Kids! You can read this helpful review here


Rascal Rides Talks Hitch Bike Racks for Vans

Blair Burton converted his Ford Transit van into a camper and tried out a VelociRAX 6

Blair enjoyed easy loading, included garage mount, robust design, and bike versatility.

"Competitors in the vertical mount world are abundant and there are choices from big brands like Yakima and Thule... but most don’t seem to maintain the weight limits of the VelociRAX. It is built quite robust."

Despite a few drawbacks, Blair seemed pleased with the ability to take a variety of bikes at the same time to keep up with family adventures! This is a great review to refer to if you're in the market for a vertical hitch bike rack for vans. You can read this article here


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