The VelociRAX bike rack is bar none the best bike rack I have used. I have 5 sons and being able to get the whole family's bikes safely delivered to the trail head has always been a struggle usually involving bikes strapped to the roof. With the 7 bike rack I can now safely and securely transport 7 bikes to the trail head and load and unload faster than anybody else at the trail head. The best part is when the ride is done and I have to store those bikes back in my garage the VelociRAX bike rack does that as well.

Ben  |  Utah    ​

This is the most thoroughly thought-thru bike rack I have used or seen. These guys are parents, mountain bikers, and engineers and they have thought about everything. I’ve watched them as they worked through and tested different ideas and when they found a problem or something they didn’t like they didn’t just race it to market, but found a solution. The rack securely fits to the car. The bikes securely fit to the rack and can be locked to it. The weight is balanced. The rack is sturdy so I don’t have any concerns about it falling apart two miles, or even five years, down the road. Easy to load and unload. I love that I can open the rear window of my suburban without moving the rack or if I need to I can pivot it out of the way to completely open the back. Carbon frames are safe because the rack doesn’t even touch them. The fact that it doubles for garage storage and I can get all my kids bikes out from under my feet is awesome. It’s easy to load up my six kids mountain bikes and take the whole family up the mountain; or to throw the road bikes on for a trip to ride the Park City paths. And, if you haven’t noticed, it looks great. Kudos to the team at VelociRAX for all your hard work. I never hesitate to recommend these to my friends.

Jon  |  Utah     


The guys at VelociRAX have come up with the fastest, most creative, solid rack I've ever seen. I've owned or used over 8 different bike racks over the years including the flagship racks from North Shore, Kuat, Thule, and Yakima, and the VelociRAX is the best bike rack I've ever used (by a long shot).


It also has some really innovative features I haven't seen in other racks (like the tilt-back to load by rolling your bike on, and the home storage option). Loading is extremely simple and it's way faster to load than anything else I've seen. I've had kids load their bikes on my VelociRAX in 10 seconds. It was no problem for them.


The build quality is fantastic. Despite the rack not weighing a ton, it uses beefy parts with big welds. It will take a beating. It's super solid, and has zero flex in it (loaded and unloaded). The hitch tightening mechanism is super effective as well, and removes all slop. I love the tilting mechanism (and lever), the ease of the bungee straps, and how securely bikes stay on the rack in transit.


I've had 7 bikes loaded up at 50 mph on dirt roads over potholes and water bars, and the bikes were solid. Due to the design, the bikes will pivot around the front hub, but they won't actually move on the rack contact points. It's really a great system. Another huge advantage to this rack is that my reverse camera is still totally functional when bikes aren't loaded. On my old Kuat, Thule, and Yakima racks, the trays would block the camera. Also, the garage storage option, where you can use this rack as a storage rack, is GENIUS!


Most other racks require you to buy additional adapters and stands that aren't nearly as solid, and can't handle the weight of more than 3 or 4 bikes. I don't typically use the kickstand option at camp, but it's nice to have the feature. This is an extremely well built, well-thought-out rack with some amazing features that no other rack has. Couple that with the amazing price-point, and it doesn't get any better than this. Plus... I've never seen a bike rack that can take 7 bikes at a time.


There are a few downsides to this rack. While you can fit a ton of different wheel sizes on the rack, you can't fit a fat-bike. Also, it's heavier than some of the plastic, cheaper racks. This is a good thing, until it's time to remove it from your vehicle. While it can be done with one person, it's best done with two.


I wish it had a stop on the tilt pin for being totally horizontal. That would help me be able to tilt it back and fully use my tailgate. Considering everything it can do, these aren't deal-breakers at all, but I thought others would want to know. 


There's no rack I'd rather have, regardless of price. When you factor in the price, it's a no-brainer.



  • Extremely sturdy. It never moves/wiggles/shakes, even with 7 bikes loaded. It's SUPER solid.

  • SUPER fast to load. There's no rack that is faster to load bikes on, and it's easy enough for kids to load themselves in seconds

  • It looks great

  • Excellent powder coat finish (not all powder coating is created equal, they used a good powder coater)

  • Fits wheels from 20" all the way up to 29"x3.0. Plus bikes are no problem.

  • If you get a flat, the wheel basket will still hold your front wheel without it resting on the spokes (unlike a Rekon rack)

  • It fits 7 bikes. I've never seen another rack that can fit so many bikes.

  • Garage bike rack option is genius and works extremely well

  • Lots of ground clearance - this sits a lot higher than similar hitch-mounted racks. I've never come close to hitting the rack or a bike on the ground (can't say the same for a North Shore or my kuats)

  • 7-bike kickstand option when lowered to the ground

  • In a pinch, you could hang your bike from the seat on one of the wheel baskets and do some quick work on the bike

  • Fantastic design. it's very easy to use. You can tell a lot of thought went into the usability aspect of it. It's simple to use, fast to load, and secure.



  • Fitting 7 bikes in such a small space means things can get tight between handlebars and frames if you're not strategic. That being said, if you take a little time and plan the order you load your bikes, you should be able to do it with zero contact.



  • Load the bikes with the largest stack height (tallest handlebars from the ground) first.

  • Can be a two person job to remove it from your vehicle

  • Doesn't fit fat-bikes

  • Tough to use my tailgate with the rack installed

Steve from Dusty Betty