Small Tire Braskets, Set of 2 (In Stock)

Small Tire Baskets Include:

  • 2 Small Tire Baskets

  • 4 Straps 

  • Mounting Bolts and Hardware

  • Holds smaller tires (16" to 20"tires)

  • Only works with smaller tires (will not hold a 24" tire)



  • Ships in 1 box  (1  - 20"x12"x6")


We have used standard tire baskets with nearly all 20" bikes by simply wrapping an extra strap onto the tire basket near the fork.  However, the smaller tire baskets create a flawless fit for 20" bikes that are higher quality. Before ordering, we recommend using the standard tire baskets that comes with every rack first, then determine if a smaller basket would be a better fit. 

Small Tire Braskets, Set of 2 (In Stock)

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