Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with spare tires on the rear door of the vehicle?

Yes! In most cases it will clear and mount on a Jeep with oversized tires. The ability to hinge the rack could be stopped by the spare but it will mount to the vehicle. If the spare stops the hinging and the spare can be adjusted upward the rack will be able to hinge. If you have an interesting setup on your vehicle send us a picture and we’ll see if we can figure it out. In general, the vertical post is 13.25 inches back from the hitch pin hole. Full doors that swing will have limited access and only open slightly. Lowering the rack all the way to the ground may allow the door to fully open.

What does a VelociRAX weigh?

The VelociRAX 5 weighs roughly 85 lbs. The VelociRAX 7 weighs roughly 102 lbs. They are built with higher strength steel to ensure they are as light as they can be while being incredibly strong and functional.

What is the rack capacity?

Total bike weight capacity of the rack is 230 lbs. The individual bike weight capacity shouldn’t exceed 57 lbs. (If you’re loading ebikes and the batteries are removable we recommend removing them.)

Will the rack work with my trucks tailgate?

When the rack is hinged back to loading position, truck tailgates can open anywhere from 80-95% with bikes loaded. The dampers used in assisted hinging are easily disengaged, so the rack can go all the way to the ground when the bikes are off the rack. This allows for full access to the back of your truck with tailgate down.

Is the bike spacing adjustable?

No. We started with adjustable spacing but quickly learned you set the position and rarely if ever adjust it again. Adjustable tire hoops can scar up and destroy powder coating leaving the rack open to rust. The biggest concern with adjustable racks is what happens when they adjust mid drive. We've made that easy and set it so there is no question. No movement is the answer at VelociRAX.

Why aren’t the tire hoops closed?

This allows road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and other narrow bike tires to fit just as tight as you’d expect and not rest on the spokes. The open tire hoop also provides other benefits such as allowing small kid bikes to be loaded and a makeshift bike tune up station by placing the bike seat into the hoop.

How much space do I need in my garage?

The garage bracket which comes with the rack allows easy use and access in the garage. In the garage you can place it tight on the left side but you’d want 12 inches on the right to give you a little space to load the bike on the far right.

Will my rear liftgate open when the rack is hinged?

Yes! In most cases it will open and clear the rack entirely. In some cases (where the hitch receiver is mounted deep under the vehicle) the rear hatch door will touch bike tires when fully opened but you will have plenty of back door access with bikes fully loaded.

Will my barndoor style doors open on my van, sprinter or other vehicle?

Yes! In most cases they will open partially with the rack hinge to loading position. With bikes removed and the rack moved to camping position, most will open completely. If you have questions about your vehicle send us a message.

What is camping mode?

Camping mode is when you lower the rack all the way to the ground allowing you to position your tire in the hoop holding the bike upright while the vehicle isn’t moving.

Can the rack be used off road?

VelociRAX are built extra tough with high strength steel and solid straps. We know all good trails don’t start on asphalt, so we also recommend strapping bikes tight and good judgement with all your driving.

What bikes, tires, and rim sizes fit the rack?

From 700cc road bike tires to 3”+ MTB tires and rim sizes from 24” to 29” (including 26”, 27.5”) tires will fit. We’d like to say all bikes but there are a few situations to be aware of. - 20” BMX tires and rims fit but are small enough that, depending on the front fork, they can come in contact with the tire hoop they are secured to. We recommend 1/2 inch pipe insulation that can be picked up at a local hardware store when loading bikes with 20” tires. - Fat bikes baskets are available for purchase for large fat tires if needed. - Bikes with fenders will need to have the front fender removed.

Does the rack work with road bikes that have drop bars?

Yes! The rack holds the tires with no problems. Drop bars on road, cross and gravel bikes can interfere with loading of the bike to the immediate right. You may need to leave the bike slot to the right empty if it does interfere. If only loading one of these bikes load it on the far right and you can fully load the rack. Drop bars are one of the reasons we created the 5X rack.

What’s the difference between the 5 and 5X?

The VelociRAX 5 features 10” spacing the 5X features 15” spacing. The increased space allows drop bar (gravel and road) bikes to be loaded without interfering with the next loaded bike. If you want to load 5 gravel or road bikes the 5X is for you. If you’re carrying one gravel, place it in any of our racks on the far right and it won’t interfere with the other bikes.

Rack Dimensions:

Overall height of all racks is 58 inches from the bottom of the hitch bar to the top of the tire hoops.

What currency is used on the website?

US dollar

Can a VelociRAX go through an automated car wash?

Car wash companies will tell you no. We also recommend the rack be removed before you go through an automated car wash.