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We are brothers who have been biking and enjoying the outdoors since we were kids.  We came together to solve our bike storage and transportation problems. What resulted is the strongest vertical bike rack on the market that can be taken off the vehicle and used for bike storage in the garage.


We are located in Alpine, Utah nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just minutes away from dozens of trails which we love to ride with our kids.  We are outdoorsmen at heart and love riding, camping, backpacking, jeeping, and canyoneering everywhere we go. We ride with local NICA teams and enjoy the NICA races with our kids.


We have more than 40 years experience in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management.  With this experience we have designed, built, and tested racks that are stronger and more functional than your average rack while still keeping our racks affordable. With a full range of rack sizes, our designs are engineered to hold a wide range of bikes and even allow kids to load their bikes on the vehicle and in the garage.

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